Original FLAPS Film Holding Tabs, 500/:Box

Product Description
Microcopy's Original Flaps Film Holding Tabs are manufactured from soft plastic foam that includes a self-adhesive side to secure the x-ray film. The tabs accommodate size 0, 1, and 2 film and are designed with cushioning and no hard surface so that they are comfortable for all patients, including children. They are ideal for both vertical and horizontal bitewings, as well as periapicals using either the parallel or bisecting angle technique.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Original FLAPS Film Holding Tabs, 500/:Box

Original FLAPS Film Holding Tabs, 500/Box - Original FLAPS Film Holding Tabs, 500/Box
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 500/Pkg
Sku# FLF




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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

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Original FLAPS Film Holding Tabs, 500/:Box
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