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OsteoReady is a company that provides you with a simple, effective implantology skill set you can use to treat the majority of patients you once referred out. Best of all? We can teach you these techniques in just 48 hours (sleep included!)

People rarely say this, but a few basic implantology techniques will provide you with the ability to treat most patients seeking implants. All the advanced stuff? Leave it to the oral surgeons. We’re not here to turn you into an implantology prodigy, but rather, to give you the right chops to treat the right patients while simultaneously knowing when to refer a patient to the specialist. The outcome here is beneficial for both sides: you are able to help more patients, and your patients don’t have to go out of their way to visit a new doctor. Huzzah!

OsteoReady gives you two things: training and equipment. We teach dentists how to use the techniques currently used in many of the nation’s top implantology practices: the No-Drill Implant, the 1-Drill Implant, the 3-in-1 implant procedure and the 5-Minute Implant, Abutment and Crown Procedure. We also sell top-of-the-line implant equipment specifically designed to enhance your new implantology skills.

In other words, we don’t throw a bunch of information at you and then turn you out into the bitter cold. In fact, we’re pretty thorough. Lackluster preparation is conducive to miserable, miserable failure. Thus, we make sure to buckle down. We’re deliberate. We get it. We know what to teach and when to send you gallivanting off into the brand new land of previously referred implant patients.

Our unique procedures are important because they dramatically reduce the difficulty, impracticality and time-commitment traditional implants so infamously demand. After learning about OsteoReady’s simple, efficient techniques, conventional implantology will seem grating and cumbersome.

Because, well, it is.

Leave that stuff to the specialists!

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