PaX-Duo3D Plus 8X8

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The PaX-Duo3D Plus 8X8 from Vatech America offers the most efficient 2-in-1 solution for dental specialists by providing high-quality panoramic and 3D images at an affordable price. With the auto-switching system, users can easily change the scan mode between panoramic and CBCT sensors multiplying imaging options and supplying the information needed to carry out a full diagnosis. The upgraded Plus model is the new standard of CBCT.

Vatech America's PaX-Duo3D Plus provides multi FOV sizes to meet the customers' various demands. This ensures that only the region of interest is imaged based on the patients treatment plan. The PaX-Duo3D Plus also utilizes the most practical FOV sizes for Implantologists & Oral Surgeons. While the PaX-Duo3D Plus produces superior image quality featuring a 0.2 mm ' 0.4 mm voxel size, the PaX-Duo3D Plus also produces Ultra High Definition radiographic 2D images in brilliant grayscale. The state of the art Metal Artifact Remove (MAR) technology minimizes scatter while Auto Focus Technology compensates for incorrect proper patient positioning, making the Plus model very user friendly.

This new upgraded Plus model is truly the new standard of CBCT and panorama imaging with superior technological advances as well as a modern, sleek design that increases the users efficiency features an easy-to-navigate LCD touch panel, laser-guided positioning while improving patient comfort with wheelchair-accessible footprint, any patient can be scanned comfortably in minimal time while achieving accurate results.


PaX-Duo3D Plus 8x8
Technical Specification
Focal Spot: 0.5mm
Patient Positioning: Standing / Wheel-chair accessible
Voxel Size: 0.12~0.3 mm
Unit of Time: sec (s)
Scan Time CBCT High: 24
Scan Time CBCT Standard: 15
Scan Time Standard Panoramic: 10.1
Scan Time Panoramic HD: 13.5
Sku# PaX-Duo3D Plus 8x8




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PaX-Duo3D Plus 8X8
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