PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System

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Product Description

The advanced PC-4000 sensor technology creates vibrant digital imaging quality featuring EV Clarity, a unique one-click tool which easily eliminates spinal column distortion. The PC-4000 image set also combines diagnostic volume where X-rays are not converted to light, therefore no blurring occurs and image clarity and contrast are increased up to 300%.

Blurred images with mis-positioned patients or unclear images with specific anatomical features that were difficult to diagnose using conventional panoramic systems, can now be easily resolved without additional exposures, using PC-4000 autofocus or manual focus features.

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PRODUCT OPTIONS: PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System

PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System
Technical Specification
Connection Type: Cameralink/PCI (Cable Provided)
DICOM Compatible: Yes
Image Storage Size: 64 x 1,510
Scan Time: 12
Warranty: 2 years Parts And Labo
Imaging Software Included: Yes
Unit of Time: sec (s)
Generator: Proprietary AC X-Ray Generator With Micro-Processor Control
kVp Output: 70 - 90 kVp
Wall Mounted or Free Standing: Free Standing
Focal Dimensions: 0.5
Dimensions Type: mm
Views: Standard Panoramic - Child Panoramic
Sensor Type: Exclusive Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Sensor
Sku# PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System


PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System Panoramic Corporation The simple design of the PC-4000 makes it easy to produce clear digital panoramic images. Panoramic Corporation focuses on designing easy-to-use, durable, and affordable panoramic x-ray systems that produce exceptional images. The company has indicated that they have built upon this foundation with the PC- 4000, which combines a legacy of proven performance with cutting-edge digital technology. Panoramic Corporation describes the Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) sensor technology use...

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PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System
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