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The KODAK practice expert and reporting library (PEARL) module delivers a comprehensive system for wielding practice information and accommodating workflow while away from the office. The PEARL module keeps you up to speed on your patients’ most relevant details. You can locate a patient through the patient list, and then access that patient’s clinical profile. The clinical profile provides essential information such as the patient’s medications, insurance, appointment history and schedule, and any medical or financial alerts.




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run from Carestream dental as fast as you can
We are a small, private practice oral surgery office. We opened almost two years ago from scratch. The space we rented was gutted and an entirely new buildout was constructed. Everything was bought new, including Carestream's oral surgery EMR and a panorex machine from them. For almost two years, it has not worked. We have at least five or six crashes everyday. We record appointments and then they are not in the system. We take xrays and they only appear on some computers and not on others. We cannot print bills. We cannot open multiple windows at the same time. Carestream actually told us at one point that we cannot multitask with their software. We supposedly have a dedicated team to fix the crashes, but they continue. They told us that the other issues are "known errors" that cannot be fixed. Most of our energy has gone towards fixing carestream's lousy software instead of towards growing our practice. And then yesterday, they told me that using email is too confusing for them and is creating misunderstandings. Apparently, verbal conversations are more reliable to them than having an actual, written record of the problems. Whoever heard of a software company that can't communicate with email? They also told me that part of the problem is where we click on the tabs. So, the current solution is for them to map out the exact area of the tabs (in the software that they designed) so that we click properly to avoid the system crashing. Insane. I regret ever hearing about carestream and would tell anyone to avoid them like the plague. I have used many different EMRs at many different hospitals and have never encountered problems like those which Carestream has presented us. They are also rude and unprofessional. At one point, one of our supposedly dedicated support members was sending spam email jokes to my office manager. I actually miss using a paper chart!
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