Pentamix 3

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The Pentamix 3 mixing unit provides more working time through faster mixing and tray-filling.Making an impression is probably the most critical step for dentists in the process of creating a restoration that fits. A perfect impression needs to deliver an exact copy of the clinical situation—including a complete, void-free, and accurate reflection of the margins—ideally on the first take. 3M ESPE recently introduced its Pentamix 3 mixing unit for the wide range of polyether and vinyl polysiloxane impression materials to meet virtually all dental professionals’ requirements and preferences.


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Pentamix 3 Quick and Versitile
I use this machine to mix everything PVS--putty/heavy and medium body materials. i also use it for impregum (EPS) Takes the guess work out of mixing and saves time. It can also mix alginate replacement material like permadyne quick.
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improve your impressions and also save time and money
get in touch wit;h a 3m representative for an in office demo of this machine and your favorite impression material. save time and money while improving restoration quality. your assistant will be more consistant and fewer errors ln her tray loading means less waste snd less stress. your will save money with this product. save hundreds with 3m representatives help on materials too.
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Pentamix 3
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