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Users of PENTRON Strada can create meaningful dialogue between other dental professionals and PENTRON, access helpful dental practice tools and patient education materials and receive problem-solving strategies. Databases within PENTRON Strada are fed by incoming news feeds and user interaction, and the website provides free downloadable and printable materials. The PENTRON Strada website consists of 3 main sections—Interact, Inform, and Inspire. On the Interact page, dental professionals can interact with each other, post and comment on blogs, share their opinions and receive feedback from industry peers. The Inform tab features articles and insights on the latest topics of interest in dentistry. Users can browse by category for the latest news and updates and can download podcasts or webinars. On the Inspire page, dental professionals can access tools and tips to help keep dental staff and patients motivated and inspired toward optimal dental health. Information can be printed, played, or shared for use in patient education or display in the practice.

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