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Oxygenating action flushes food particles away from gum and minor mouth irritations to help promote natural healing. Peroxyl antiseptic oral cleanser is recommended for several uses: canker sores, denture and mouth sores, orthodontic irritations, mouth burns, and cheek bites. The rinse is available in Original and Alcohol-Free variants.




Going Beyond ‘Give Kids a Smile’ With Prevention

On Friday, Feb. 3, I attended a 15th annual national kickoff event for Give Kids a Smile, an initiative of the ADA Foundation (ADAF) supported by Henry Schein , Colgate-Palmolive , and KaVo Kerr. The event at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine brought together dental students, residents, and faculty who volunteered their time to provide free dental care to local schoolchildren. It was a fun, festive atmosphere, from the magician who was entertaining the children as they waited for treatment, to the dental students who had toy models that allowed kids to pretend they were a...

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