Phocal Fluoride Disks

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Colldent’s Phocal fluoride disks provide dentists with an easy and effective solution for preventing and treating interproximal decay. Because they are thin and round, Phocal disks can be easily inserted between the teeth to deliver a concentrated dose of fluoride to previously inaccessible areas. Phocal disks are available in 2 forms: Phocal Apf (acidulated phosphate fluoride) disks contain 0.103 mg of sodium fluoride and .009 mg of hydrogen fluoride, induce an optimized low pH environment that cleans and etches tooth surfaces, and facilitate deep fluoride penetration while stimulating remineralization. Phocal pHn (non-acidic sodium fluoride) disks are appropriate for patients with ceramic crowns or tooth-colored restorations. They contain 0.122 mg sodium fluoride, are less acidic and will not etch into ceramic crowns or restorations, and induce fluoridation and remineralization.

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Phocal Fluoride Disks
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