Piezo Advantage

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The Vista Dental Piezo Advantage Ultrascaler has a compact functional design with removable autoclavable control covers and is available in tabletop or modular styles. Little or no handpiece vibration reduces hand fatigue and patient sensitivity while maintaining power to remove heavy calculus.

The scaler is compatible with an extensive range of hygiene and periodontic tips as well as diamond-coated endodontic tips. Additionally, it is compatible with Vista's Hygiene Irrigator system.

The Piezo Advantage Ultrascaler by Vista Dental Products offers the power to remove heavy calculus, with little or no handpiece vibration to virtually eliminate hand fatigue and patient sensitivity. The unit has a compact, functional design with removable and autoclaveable control covers and an extensive range of hygiene/periodontic tips and diamond-coated endodontic tips. It is compatible with Vista's Hygiene Irrigator System and comes in table-top or modular units, with wall-, pole-, or stand-mounting options.

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Piezo Advantage
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