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ACTEON Introduces Piezotome 2

The Piezotome 2, an enhancement to the Piezotome 1, improves its performance with very high power and adds LED technology.

Satelec, a division of ACTEON North America, introduces its Piezotome 2, a piezoelectric ultrasonic generator intended for use in bone surgery. A versatile device, the Piezotome 2 features Piezotome and Newtron functioning modes, with handpieces and cords automatically recognized by the device.

The Piezotome mode is intended for use in pre-implant surgical procedures such as: fine osteotomy, osteoplasty, sinus elevation, ridge expansion, and tooth extraction. With ultrasonic frequencies of 28-36 kHz, Piezotome 2 is active on hard tissues, limiting the risk of soft tissue lesions. The modulated piezo signal allows tissue relaxation and excellent cell repair for a clean cut and better healing.

The Newtron mode, intended for conventional treatment, allows for the use of a wide range of tips. More than 70 color-coded tips are available for procedures in periodontology, endodontics, prosthodontics, and preventive dentistry.

Featuring new technology that triples the ultrasonic power of the Piezotome 1, the Piezotome 2 incorporates six powerful LEDs to its autoclavable handpieces. A large touch-screen makes it easy to use while increasing visibility. A progressive footswitch allows for power adjustment according to the anatomical constraints encountered. 'Julie Schmitt



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Piezotome 2
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