Pindex® Laser System (115V) - Pindex® Laser System (115V)

Product Description
Pindex® Laser System provides a simple way to fabricate precise parallel drill channels. The laser beam ensures easy, quick and reliable pin placement. Precision pins and sleeves are inserted accurately as the drill channels are always absolutely parallel, enabling easy removal and repositioning of dies. Clear visibility in all light conditions reduces eye fatigue Focus-free laser light outlasts conventional lights Drill automatically penetrates to exact depth System contains: Pindex laser, manual drilling procedure, plastic housing, chuck tool, shaft lock tool, reamer, allen wrench, flexible rubber mold set and introductory pin assortment

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Pindex® Laser System (115V) - Pindex® Laser System (115V)

Pindex Laser System (115V)
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Pindex® Laser System (115V) - Pindex® Laser System (115V)
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