Pink Ribbon

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A Pink Ribbon embossed on the head of the SmartPractice prophy angle encourages awareness among patients and staff. Pink Ribbon Prophy Angles feature a lightly scented, latex-free, pink-colored soft cup and a ribbon embossed on the head of the angle.

In addition, SmartPractice will donate 5% of profits toward breast cancer research. Pink Ribbon products show patients you care about their health, unites staff, and strengthens community involvement.




FDA Bans Powdered Exam and Surgical Gloves

If you’re using powdered gloves in your office, you’ll have to stop using them by January 18 th . The FDA has issued a new rule banning powdered exam gloves declaring that they “present an unreasonable and substantial risk of illness or injury”. The FDA rule specifically states, “The use of powder on medical gloves presents numerous risks to patients and health care workers, including inflammation, granulomas, and respiratory allergic reactions.” There are plenty of viable non-powdered alternatives, the FDA says. In fact, check out some of those options here .  What if you’re...

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