Planmeca ProMax 2D S3

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Product Description

ProMax 2D S3 Digital X-ray Unit from PLANMECA is a maxillofacial imaging system complete with easy-to-open patient positioning and a side entry. It is assisted by a triple laser beam system to indicate the correct anatomical position points. The full-color graphical user interface provides clear text and symbols that are logically grouped for a user friendly procedure. Autofocus automatically positions the focal layer using a low-dose scout image of the patient’s central incisors.

PLANMECA’s patented SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) technology provides precise free-flowing arm movements for a wider variety of imaging programs and can produce any movement pattern required.

Product Features:

• Standard Basic Panoramic Programs: standard panoramic, lateral TMJ (closed and open), PA TMJ (closed and open), and PA sinus
• Optional Advanced Panoramic Programs: interproximal panoramic, orthogonal (perio) panoramic, lateral-PA TMJ, lateral multi-angle TMJ, PA multi-angle TMJ, PA linear sinus, and lateral sinus
• Child mode for reduced dose
• Optional horizontal and vertical segmenting for the panoramic program
• Optional true bitewing setting
• Optional tomography programs

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Planmeca ProMax S3
Technical Specification
Connection Type: Ethernet
DICOM Compatible: Yes
Image Storage Format: DICOM Image Archive - DICOM Removable Media
Image Storage Size: 4 to 33 MB Per Extraoral Image
Scan Time Tomographic: 3 to 24
Imaging Software Included: Yes
Unit of Time: sec (s)
Generator: Constant Potential - Microprocessor Controlled - Operating Frequency 80 kHz
kVp Output: Panoramic: 50 - 84 kVp - Cephalometric: 60 - 84 kVp - Tomographic: 50 - 80 kVp
Scan Time Standard Cephalometric: 0.2 to 19
Scan Time Standard Panoramic: 2.5 to 16
Grey Scale: 12 - 16 bit
Wall Mounted or Free Standing: Wall Mount
Focal Dimensions: 0.5 x 0.5
Dimensions Type: mm
Views: Standard Panoramic - Child Panoramic - Bitewing - TMJ - Sinus - Vertical Segmentation
Sensor Type: CCD
Sku# Planmeca ProMax S3


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Product Focus: ProMax 2D S3

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