Porcelain Laminate Polishing Kit

Product Description
The Porcelain Laminate Polishing Kit by Shofu Dental Corp is a complete system for intraoral polishing and super-polishing of enamel and porcelain. Included in the kit are CeraMiste Standard for pre-polishing, CeraMiste Ultra for polishing, and CeraMiste Ultra II for super-polishing.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Porcelain Laminate Polishing Kit

Porcelain Laminate Polishing Classic Plastic Kit - CA Kit
Technical Specification
Color: Tan
Grit: Fine
Package Quantity: 12/Pkg
Shank: HP
Shank Size and Type: 3/32"
Shape: 15
Type: Final Polish
Sku# 317
Porcelain Laminate Polishing Classic Plastic Kit - FG Kit
Technical Specification
Color: No Band
Grit: Coarse
ISO Number: 30
Package Quantity: 3/Pkg
Shank: CA
Shape: Mini-Point
Sku# 318
Porcelain Laminate Polishing Sterilizable Bur Block Kit - CA Kit
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 20/Box
Sku# 0317B
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Porcelain Laminate Polishing Kit
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