Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) Jar with Remover

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Pressure Indicating Paste by Keystone Industries assists the patient by locating the exact location of the pressure areas on dentures that cause discomfort, pain or displacement. Pressure Indicating Paste is versatile, easy to read and reliable. The white silicone paste can be used for seating crowns, bridges and full, immediate and partial dentures.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) Jar with Remover

Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) Jar with Remover - 1-1/4 oz Kit
Sku# 6120200
Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) Jar with Remover - 2-1/4 oz Kit
Sku# 6120300


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Marketing Materials

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Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) Jar with Remover
Keystone Industries
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