PreviDent 5%

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PreviDent 5% sodium fluoride varnish from Colgate Professional has a strong desensitizing action when applied to dental surfaces, treating hypersensitivity quickly and easily. PreviDent sets rapidly on contact with saliva, resulting in patient comfort and acceptance. It leaves a thin film on teeth after application but is transparent and doesn’t leave a yellow mark. Unit-dose packaging makes application fast and easy.


Tried and True

Tried and True


Prevident With their line of products, Colgate offers patients an array of options, including rinses, gels, or pastes. With their expansive Prevident line, which includes toothpastes, rinses, varnishes, and fluoride gels, Colgate offers an array of options. Dentists can tailor treatment to a patient?s individual preferences, convenience, and comfort/sensitivity levels. Prevident 5000 Plus Colgate PreviDent 5000 Plus is a prescriptionstrength fluoride toothpaste that combines the cleaning power of a toothpaste with prescription-strength fluoride for dental caries protection. PreviDent 5000 Plus brand of 1.1% sodium...

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PreviDent 5%
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