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Pro Flex introduces a new way to make dentures that uses non-allergenic, permanent nonporous soft linear, flexible material. The process begins with a vacuum-formed base, then the NFC resin is processed to the base. This involves using standard flasking system for making flexible appliances. The bases available include 0.080-Thin (T), 0.120- Medium (M) and 0.200-Thick (K). The flex available include both standard and firm, and available shades include light, medium, dark, ethnic, and clear.


Laminated Base - Pro-flex Laminated Base 10/Pkg
Sku# P800-00X
Resin Kit - Pro-Flex Resin
Sku# P800-XX
Kit - Pro-flex Kit
Sku# P800-XXI




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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Covering All Conveniences with Keystone-Bosworth ProphyBrite

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Keystone Marketplace 1st Quarter 2014

In the world of dentistry there are new technologies and innovations that are created to enrich our lives and make things easier for dentists and patients. As dentists, we try and evolve as the world of dentistry reinvents itself in an ever-changing world. I have been practicing for more than...

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