Procenter Delivery System

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The Midmark Procenter Delivery System combines thoughtful design, attention to detail and quality construction. Integrated controls and switches are designed to provide simple, yet refined, access for precision and flexibility. Available in chair, cabinet and wall mounted systems, the Procenter is designed to complement the way you work and deliver exceptional reliability. Features include:
• Exclusive pop-up lid feature for line-of-sight access to air and water controls
• Fine needle valve adjustments allow for greater precision of drive air and lavage
• Midmark patented Kink Valve® technology provides an unprecedented level of reliability and control, backed with a 10-year warranty
• Unique air lock release buttons are ergonomically integrated into the unit handle for intuitive function and operation
• Positive, one-way airlock automatically holds the unit in position whether the Procenter is on or off
• Anti-friction needle bearings in the arm pivot provide easy arm movement and long bearing life
• Self-contained water system enables you to go from city water to bottled water with the flip of a switch
• Integrated ancillary devices include intraoral cameras, ultrasonic scalers, a curing light and up to two electric motors
• Centrally located chair control offers up to four programmable positions and is standard on all chair mounted systems




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Procenter Delivery System
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