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Product Reviews for Bonding (Self Etch)

BeautiBond Bonding Agent

BeautiBond Bonding Agent

Shofu Dental Corporation

This seventh-generation bonding agent provides one-step convenience.

Shofu Dental’s BeautiBond is a seventh-generation bonding agent that provides clinicians with dual adhesive monomers in a single onestep, self-etch adhesive. According to the manufacturer, BeautiBond’s dual adhesive monomers deliver equal bond strength to enamel and dentin as well as bond strengths comparable to leading multi-component brands. This HEMA-free adhesive is characterized by its single-coat, 30-second application, its low film thickness (5 μm), and its unit dose design.

Alpha Bond SE

Dental Technologies’ Alpha-Bond SE is a self-etch adhesive formulated to bond to multiple substrates for both direct and indirect bonding procedures.

Filtek Supreme Ultra and Scotchbond Universal


Filtek Supreme Ultra and Scotchbond Universal

3M ESPE designed these products to work together to provide patients with esthetic and durable restorations in the anterior and posterior.

A dentist with 29 years of experience said she would definitely recommend both Filtek Supreme Ultra and Scotchbond Universal to her colleagues. She described Filtek Supreme Ultra as “easy to use in the anterior and posterior areas,” and her favorite feature of Scotchbond Universal is its “one step ease of use.”

According to 3M ESPE, Filtek Supreme Ultra and Scotchbond Universal were created to work well individually with products from other manufacturers. However, when they are used together, they streamline treatment processes, improve outcomes, and reduce inventory.

G-ænial Bond Self-Etching Bonding Agent

G-ænial Bond Self-Etching Bonding Agent

GC America Inc.

The HEMA-free formulation of G-ænial Bond makes it efficient and easy to use.

GC America’s G-ænial Bond is a 7th-generation, 1-step, self-etch bonding agent designed to improve bond strength to enamel and dentin. It was designed to provide the option of selective etching (self-etch on dentin and etchand- rinse on enamel), so clinicians can use the most appropriate technique in a given situation to achieve the best result for patients.

OptiBond XTR

Kerr Corporation

OptiBond XTR Self-Etch Universal Adhesive

OptiBond XTR combines the durability of total-etch with the simplicity of self-etch

An evaluator from Peekskill, NY, who has been in practice for 29 years, summed up his evaluation of Kerr’s OptiBond XTR by saying, “Great adhesive; easy to use!” This same evaluator said he would definitely purchase it in the future and recommend it to colleagues.

Kerr describes OptiBond XTR as the only bonding agent that combines the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive with the ease of use of a self-etch technique.

The 15 dentists who participated in the Dental Product Shopper evaluation of OptiBond XTR rated and commented on several product features, including postoperative sensitivity, product performance, and ease of use. They also weighed in on their overall satisfaction with the product and told us whether they would purchase it in the future and recommend it to their professional colleagues.

3M ESPE Adper Easy Bond

Easy Bond adhesive simultaneously etches and bonds to dentin and enamel in 1 step.

Adper Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive, according to 3M ESPE, is designed for strength, simplicity, and convenience. Easy Bond is based on much of the same science behind Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Adhesive and Adper Single Bond Plus Adhesive.

Futurabond DC

One-Step, Dual-Cured Self-Etch Adhesive in Unit-Dose Blister Packs

A single-dose delivery system enhances the convenience of VOCO America’s nano-reinforced, eighth-generation Futurabond DC.

VOCO America’s Futurabond DC is now available in a patented SingleDose delivery system designed for “easy, quick, and hygienic” use with each procedure. According to VOCO, the unit-dose blister pack ensures reliable bond strength with each use by preventing solvent evaporation.

AdheSE One

The VivaPen delivery form for AdheSE One adhesive allows the material to be applied directly to the restoration.

AdheSE One is a self-etching, light-curing, alli-in-one adhesive for direct restorative treatment procedures. The adhesive is delivered via the VivaPen, which, according to the manufacturer, saves material and allows for easy access to all tooth surfaces.

Bond Force Pen

Tokuyama Dental America Inc

Bond Force Pen Bonding Agent

Tokuyama’s Bond Force is offered in a pen delivery system, providing ease of use and extended working time.

A dentist evaluator with 11 years of experience in dentistry said, “For dentists using a one bottle self-etch bonding agent, Bond Force Pen seems to be a great tool.” Eleven dentists who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation rated Tokuyama’s Bond Force Pen as excellent or very good.


Self-Etch Adhesive

All-Bond SE, a universal adhesive, works with light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured composite materials.

Recently introduced by Bisco, All-Bond SE is said by the manufacturer to provide dentists with universal compatibility, increased bond strength and reliability, reduced postoperative sensitivity, and increased flexibility. In addition, the All- Bond SE Liner is radiopaque so that it can be seen in radiographs.

Bond-1 SF SE

Solvent-Free, Self-Etch Adhesive

Bond-1 solvent-free, self-etch adhesive combines superior bond strength with reduced sensitivity.

Pentron’s new Bond-1 SF SE is free of the solvents found in virtually all other adhesives but still produces the high bond strength obtained with conventional agents. According to the manufacturer, the light-cured, self-etch adhesive forms an interactive bond between its resins and the minerals of the tooth structure, providing a superior bond to both dentin and enamel without the use of acetone, water, or alcohol.

Class II Total Practice Solution

The Class II Total Practice Solution contains all 5 products needed for strong, reliable, esthetic class II restorations.


Go! is a single-component, light-cured, self-etching, fluoride-releasing dentin and enamel bonding system.

SDI describes Go! as an adhesive that saves dentists time at the chair. According to the manufacturer, the user does not have to shake the bottle, etch the dentin, or wash it off. It also does not need to be rubbed or agitated.

Peak Self-Etch Adhesive System

The JetMix syringe system ensures fresh, consistent delivery of Peak self-etch adhesive.

According to Ultradent, the company made a deliberate decision to postpone offering a self-etch adhesive system until they felt confident that it could deliver a reliable product. The company wanted to create a product that would eliminate many of the problems that often occur with self-etch adhesive systems—degradation of the many chemicals that are required, which can lead to reduced bond strength.