ProFile Orifice Opener Rotary Files

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A noncutting tip opens the coronal area with more control than the Gates Glidden drill's bur-shaped tip, and because they operate at a very slow speed of 300 RPM, you are assured of safe handling. The result is a continuous tapering preparation with proper coronal flaring for improved straight-line access to the apical portion of the canal, using fewer instruments. The U®-file radial-landed flute design keeps the instrument centered in the canal and minimizes the risk of ledging, transporting or perforating the canal.




From the Jaws of a 440-pound Cranky Tiger…Dentist Saves 5-Inch-Long Canine Tooth

With the strongest bite force of any of the big cats, a tiger’s jaw could snap off an arm in an instant. When zookeepers at Noah's Ark Zoo near Bristol, England detected a chip in their 440-pound tiger’s canine tooth, they called in Dr. Peter Kertesz, an experienced dental surgeon...

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WaveOne Gold Aims to Improve Root Canal Safety and Confidence

When I first saw the promotional video and packaging for DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties ' WaveOne Gold, which features a surfer navigating the tube of a wave, I remembered an article I read about one of the biggest wipeouts in surfing history. This incident occurred just a few weeks...

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ProFile Orifice Opener Rotary Files
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