ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA 3D Printer

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3D Systems announces the availability of its previously announced ProJet 1200 micro-SLA printer and commencement of customer shipments.

This affordable, safe micro-SLA 3D printer is capable of producing small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns and is ideal for dental wax-ups. Smaller than most coffee makers and faster than baking a cake, this printer is economical to own, safe to operate anywhere, and simple to use. With super-fast print speeds and high accuracy of detail, dental labs can print up to 12 precise dental wax ups in less than 1 hour. The Projet 1200 prints at 30-µm layers at e585 dpi resolution featuring micro details with excellent surface smoothness.




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ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA 3D Printer
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