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Smoother Results in Every Dose Enjoy improved results from the root canal conditioner that comes in convenient, disposable single unit doses so you can concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about cross-contamination or cleanup. Simply use once and toss. Consistent results, greater convenience in every single dose. • Available in boxes of 35 or 100 single-dose compules • Contains carbamide peroxide, which releases oxygen in the presence of NaOCl • Effervescent action quickly lifts tissue and debris coronally • Ideal lubricant for hand file and rotary instrumentation • Contains EDTA which promotes the removal of smear layer • Single doses provide convenience with no mess • Gel consistency clings to files better for easier file placement




From the Jaws of a 440-pound Cranky Tiger…Dentist Saves 5-Inch-Long Canine Tooth

With the strongest bite force of any of the big cats, a tiger’s jaw could snap off an arm in an instant. When zookeepers at Noah's Ark Zoo near Bristol, England detected a chip in their 440-pound tiger’s canine tooth, they called in Dr. Peter Kertesz, an experienced dental surgeon...

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WaveOne Gold Aims to Improve Root Canal Safety and Confidence

When I first saw the promotional video and packaging for DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties ' WaveOne Gold, which features a surfer navigating the tube of a wave, I remembered an article I read about one of the biggest wipeouts in surfing history. This incident occurred just a few weeks...

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ProLube Conditioner
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