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ProTray single-use, disposable instrument trays from Certol are designed to eliminate the time-consuming process of cleaning and disinfecting reusable trays. ProTray is ideal for any procedure that involves cementation, bonding, sealants, and other sticky materials because, after the procedure is over, there is no need to waste time cleaning. Most materials can be dispensed or mixed right on the smooth, glossy surface. According to Certol, it is much easier to manipulate and pick up materials from the surface of ProTray than from the slippery surface of a plastic barrier tray cover. This disposable tray also has small well areas to hold materials, and a corner of the tray may be broken off to act as a carrier. In addition to providing a reliable way to ensure patient safety while maintaining high productivity, ProTray was designed with the environment in mind. The polystyrene foam material used to construct ProTray is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and will not release CFCs into the environment during incineration.

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