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They are ideal for presenting friendly teaching sessions to children and adults about proper dental care as well as relaxing first-time patients. The Putzi Pets are available in a standard or large size in a variety of animal characters, as well as with or without orthodontic braces.




Handheld Microscope Identifies Cancer Cells with New Technology Developed by UW Researchers

A new handheld, pen-sized microscope could identify cancer cells in doctor’s offices and operating rooms, reports the University of Washington .  UW mechanical engineers are developing a handheld microscope to help doctors and dentists distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells in an office setting or operating room....

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Are your mobile devices REALLY disinfected?

Do you use tablets or smart phones in your practice? If so, are you disinfecting them properly (or at all)? Mobile devices are breeding grounds for germs that can be harmful to patients and staff. You disinfect your equipment and operatory surfaces, but often smart phones and tablets are overlooked...

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Putzi Pets
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