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The DentalEZ Group Unveils the RAMVAC Badger

The Badger is an economically priced, environmentally friendly lube-free dry vacuum alternative to wet ring or aging dry vacuum systems.

The DentalEZ Group debuts the RAMVAC Badger, a lubefree, waterless, economical alternative to wet ring or aging dry vacuum systems. Designed for 1 to 3 users, the Badger is lightweight, flexible, and compact. With a small footprint of 18 in x 22 in x 25 in and the ability to accept existing plumbing sizes from 0.5 in to 2 in, installation is simple and easy.

The Badger's lube-free rotary vane vacuum pump includes a 5-gallon separation tank and is protected by RAMVAC's exclusive 5-year, no-fail pump warranty. The E1 'Smart Control' has an auto shutdown feature that ensures the longevity of its rotary vanes and provides maintenance reminders every 1,000 hours.

The open-frame design of the Badger provides cool unit operation and ease of maintenance. The unit provides whisper-quiet operation and there are no traps to clean or maintain. Additionally, the Badger maintains consistent vacuum levels when 1 or more HVE's are in use, ensuring smooth operation at all times.

The Badger recently received an EDA Accepted status seal from the Eco-Dentistry Association, due to its superior water conservation and pollution-prevention features. Completely water-free operation of the unit entirely eliminates additional vacuum-related water and sewage fees. 'Bob Alaburda

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