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The RAMVAC Badger LF LubeFree dry vacuum system from DentalEZ Integrated Solutions brings unrivaled consistent power to your fingertips in the operatory, while reassuring you with confidence and efficiency in the utility room. You can depend on Badger LF all day, every day, for worry-free performance whether you are outfitting a brand new utility room or replacing an existing vacuum system.

Badger LF’s high efficiency positive displacement pump provides industry-leading suction to your high volume ejectors (HVE), saliva ejectors (SE) and nitrous oxide scavengers. Compared to other types of pumps, the Badger’s positive displacement pump creates a more consistent flow of air from the operatory because of less internal losses within the pump.

Badger LF is both water-free and LubeFree, making it one of the most environmentally friendly dental vacuums available today. Not only does it help save the environment, but it helps you save money year after year by reducing up to 200,000 gallons of water usage per year.

This vacuum system integrates the pump, motor, tank and control unit into one compact footprint so you are not wasting precious utility room real estate with extra, externally connected tanks and control units.

Over the life of your practice, cost-of-ownership of this efficient vacuum makes it a smart buy for the small, budget-conscious practice.




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