RelyX Unicem 2 in Clicker Dispenser

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The Clicker dispenser was first made popular with the original RelyX Unicem cement, and now the benefits of this delivery system will be available to users of RelyX Unicem 2 cement. Advantages of the Clicker dispenser include its consistent mixing ratio, exact dosage through easy clicks, and a consumption level indicator for better material management.




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Can't Complain
I've used RelyX in some form or fashion for at least 6 years if not more. I never worry about crowns coming off even on those short second molars. The clicker is great because it greatly minimizes waste.
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RelyX Unicem 2
This product is one of the best cements that I've encountered in the 16 years of practice. I've tried various cements throughout the years,but Relyx Unicem 2 is one of the simplest products to use with great results. I was introduced to this cement during a dental seminar and did not know much about the product. A sample was give to me to use for about two weeks. It comes in various shades,but I found that the transparent shade has a chameleon effect in which it matches most porcelain shades. Shading is one of RelyX Unicem 2 best characteristic and it's bond strength is excellent too. I have never had a re-cement of a crown while using this product. I would have liked to know the cost of this product prior to using, because I love it so much I'm willing to spend the money to use it. I think that the company knew that they had a good product when presenting it.
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Strong and easy to use
I use Rely X Unicem because it's a very versitile cement and very easy to use. Because it's a duel cure cement, you can use it to cement posts too. If you use it to cement a crown, you can light cure it for 5 seconds to get an initial set and easily remove any excess before curing the rest of the way. I use it for just about all of my cementation needs.
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RelyX Unicem 2 in Clicker Dispenser
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