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Resinomer is a dual-cured, glass filled (57%), fluoride-releasing composite with flow characteristics that make it the perfect liner, luting agent, or adhesive agent for bonded amalgam restorations. The hydrophilic monomers used in Resinomer promote adhesion to dental metals. The metal bonding capability provides an exceptional environment for bonded amalgam restorations.




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I have used Resinomer for several years now. I work in a clinical setting where many patients on public assistance are seeking care. Large amalgam fillings are an option for posterior teeth in many instances, and I have had great luck with this product keeping large alloys in place. The added benefit of fluoride, especially for patients with high caries rates/risks is also reassuring. It works great. Some care needs to be taken when removing amalgam and resinomer flash off cavosurfaces when contouring the amalgam. I like to use it for any size amalgam in teeth intended to support metal framework partial dentures...I want the added confidence that the fillings will stay put, especially if they are involved as rests for the partial or will be engaged by the clasps in anyway. Again, the benefit of the fluoride is a great thing too. Easy to use and a awesome product in my hands.
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