NeoBurr Endo Carbides

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The 6-bladed, long taper design of Microcopy’s Safe-Ended Endo Access Carbides opens the pulp chamber to a funnel shape for access to the root canals after initial penetration is performed.Each carbide is sterile and individually packaged 5 per pack.




Don’t Let the Cookie—I Mean Polisher—Crumble

Polisher crumbling. I never knew that was a thing until I read about it recently and then...

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The Benefits of Single Use Diamond Burs

To me, a non-dentist, the benefits of single patient use diamond burs seem obvious. But I’m guessing...

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Flaps—Patient Comfort, Image Accuracy

Wouldn’t you love to make the dental x-ray experience better for your patients, especially children? Whether it’s...

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NeoBurr Endo Carbides
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