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Flow/Wolf Xray's Safelights come in Swivel, Angular, Combination, and Circular. The Swivel Safelight is a wall mounted safelight that can swivel to any position and is ideal for direct spotlighting. The Angular Safelight is used where a direct light is required. The Combination Safelight is a unique 2-compartment unit that features a safelight at the bottom and an incandescent room light at the top. The Circular Safelight is made of aluminum and screws into any existing outlet.


Angular With Sensor - Angular Safelight With Optical Light Sensor
Sku# 19203
Circular - Circular Safelight, Economy 3" Diameter
Sku# 19104
Swivel With Sensor - Swivel Safelight With Optical Light Sensor
Sku# 19298

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