Scanora 3Dx

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The SCANORA 3Dx has the Autoswitch feature for simple switching between high definition panoramic to cone beam without the need to change detectors or reposition the patient. Short scan and reconstruction times further increase ease and efficiency to make workflow as fast and efficient as possible. The SCANORA 3Dx offers a range of features:• 8 selectable (Multiple) fields of view limits radiation to area of scanning interest• RealPAN - A dedicated HD sensor for panoramic imaging• ClearTouch - 12” intuitive touchscreen interface facilitates for ease of use• Completely motorized chair and chin rest for exact positioning and wheelchair accessibility• SARA (SOREDEX Advanced Reconstruction Algorithm) technology allows you to detect small anatomical details like small fractures and endodontic root fillings to aid in treatment planning• SMAR (SOREDEX Metal Artifact Reduction) reduces the scatter effect from metal artifacts and enhances the image• EasyScout scout feature ensures proper positioning for 3D imaging without repositioning the patient

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Scanora 3Dx
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