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Septodont Hand Cream

Septodont Hand Cream

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Heal Damaged Hands

Septodont Hand Cream

Septodont Hand Cream is designed to heal and protect from the damage caused by wearing gloves and frequent washing.

Designed for the dental assistant, Septodont USA offers a hand cream that heals dry, cracked, itching, and burning hands. Since assistants work with their hands all day—washing, wearing gloves, and cleaning—their hands get damaged and dehydrated. Septodont Hand Cream was created to heal the burning and itching derived from all the elements that the dental assistant’s hands come in contact with each day.

Pleasantly scented and non-greasy, this bacteria-fighting hand cream is highly effective as a protective, soothing barrier. It readily absorbs into the skin and keeps hands smelling fresh. When tested against its reaction to gloves and glove powder, Septodont Hand Cream reported a significant decrease in irritation, according to the manufacturer.

Septodont Hand Cream is specially formulated to permeate the superficial layer of the epidermis and replenish the moisture lost due to frequent washing. It forms an effective barrier against the irritating components of gloves without affecting their integrity. These features will help to keep hands feeling smooth and refreshed. Septodont Hand Cream is available in 3 1/3-oz tubes and single-use packets. —Bob Alaburda

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