Simplicity Self Etch Adhesive System

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Simplicity Self-Etch Adhesive system provides the three most important features of successful bonding: elimination of postoperative sensitivity, excellent bond strengths, and superior long-term performance.

The straight forward techniques provide consistent results for all procedures where bonding is required.

Indications for use: All classes of restoration. Both direct and indirect restorations.

Simplicity produces etching results identical to a 37% phosphoric acid gel etch (See SEM images below). This level of etch eliminates concerns about enamel bonding and ensures long-term margin integrity.


Etch with 37% phosphoric acid
Enamel etched with 37% Phosphoric acid

Etch with Simplicity 1
Enamel etched with Simplicity 1


The ease of use of Simplicity coupled with the versatility and consistently superior results make Simplicity an excellent bonding system for your practice.




Simplicity Instructional

Demonstration of Simplicity Self-Etch Adhesive System...

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Core Build Up Using Simplicity and Anchor

Demonstration of Core Build Up Using Simplicity and Anchor...

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Press Release
Press Release
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Great all-around bonding agent
I have been using Simplicity since 2004 as my workhorse for restorative dentistry (my other bonding agent is Surpass for crown and bridge). It is idiot-proof. You just need to read the instructions - imagine that!
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Simplicity Self Etch Adhesive System
Apex Dental Materials, Inc.
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