Sliding Track Monitor Mount

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The ball bearing track lets the monitor easily move from one side of the cabinet to the other and also can wrap around the midsection columns to be viewed from outside the operatory. The mount allows the monitor to be suspended above the countertop, freeing up valuable work space and room for essential supplies and ancillary devices.




Blast from the Past - Don’t Take That Dental Chair for Granted!

Imagine your patient sitting on the floor during a tooth extraction while you hold their head firmly between your knees. That’s what they did before the 17 th century, according to the University of the Pacific’s Virtual Dental Museum .  Luckily, improvements in the comfort and versatility of the dental chair have been made over the last 300 years, vastly improving the experience for both the patient and the dentist.  From the University of the Pacific’s Virtual Dental Museum , here’s a brief history of how the dental patient chair transformed into what it is...

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Sliding Track Monitor Mount
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