Snap-A-RayDS for Digital Sensors - Arm & Ring Kit

Product Description
The Snap-A-Ray DS for Digital Sensors from Rinn is a time-efficient, easy to use universal sensor holder. It has a rigid design that prevents flexing from occurring and can be used with all sensors. The Snap-A-Ray DS contains a soft overmolding that is soft to the sensor case, while the grips keep the sensor case protected from hard edges. An Endodontic/Implant version is also available, which features a cutout bite surface that leaves enough room for your work. It can be used with the optional arm and ring kit for a quick and easy alignment. The Arm & Ring Kit contains one 2-in-1 aiming ring, one straight arm, and one angled arm.

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Snap-A-RayDS for Digital Sensors - Arm & Ring Kit
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