SonicFill™ 2

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Building upon the award-winning performance of its predecessor, SonicFill 2 transforms tedious, repetitive posterior restorations into easy and reliable SingleFill placement: filling cavities up to 5mm in depth in a single increment, with a single material - and no liner or capping layer.

SonicFill 2 incorporates a new filler system that delivers excellent gloss, color-matching, wear resistance and strength. Along with its excellent adaptation, low shrinkage stress and high depth of cure, SonicFill 2 meets the key requirements of a successful bulk fill procedure as you’ve come to expect from this market-leading product.


SonicFill 2 A1 Unidose Refill (20)
Sku# 36051
SonicFill 2 A2 Unidose Refill (20)
Sku# 36052
SonicFill 2 A3 Unidose Refill (20)
Sku# 36053
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Under pressure. It’s not just a classic rock song—it’s the reality of the working environment when a dentist needs to fill a cavity quickly and efficiently. It’s also the reality of the material needed. When a filling is consistently under stress, the material needs to be strong with excellent marginal integrity. Faced with the everyday pressure to finish procedures quickly, dentists need a composite that’s up to the challenge. That’s why our evaluators were eager to test Kerr’s SonicFill 2, whose single-fill placement method is designed...

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Case Study

Case Study

A Simplified Method for Bulk Filling a Class 2 Composite

A 28-year-old presented to my office for a new patient examination. After reviewing the patient’s medical and dental history, a full mouth series of radiographs was obtained using the Sopix2 sensor (ACTEON) (Figure 1). The visual exam was done using EyeZoom surgical loupes with the incorporated headlight in the XV 1 frames (Orascoptic) (Figure 2). Tooth No. 4 was diagnosed with interproximal caries. At a subsequent visit, the patient was anesthetized using the Wand/STA (Milestone) with 3% Mepivicaine (Figure 3). The cavity preparation was accomplished using the iOptima electric motor and handpiece (Bien-Air) (Figure 4). A 557 bur...

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Who Will Be the Next Thomas Edison?

Distinguished for their innovation, these dental manufacturers and their products are winners of the 2015 Edison...

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Have you Heard of Smart Cement?

How cool would it be if a resin cement told you when it was set, when it...

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It started out as a lark one Sunday morning. Jane Dentist from Yourtown, USA, was on her...

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SonicFill™ 2
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