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Space Maintainers LaboratoriesPerio Protect Method Periodontic System The Perio Protect Method offers patients an individualized treatment plan to effectively fight bacteria that cause gum disease. "There isn’t anything else like this or that comes anywhere close to the efficacy of Perio Protect. Nothing. The entire process is designed to overcome shortcomings of all other systems," said a current Perio Protect Method customer who has been practicing dentistry for 21 years. Compared to similar systems offered by other manufacturers, all of the evaluators said the Perio Protect Method is much better. Space Maintainers Laboratories' Perio Protect Method is a comprehensive treatment approach to help manage biofilms associated with periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis). It is a combination of treatments, including a noninvasive chemical debriding therapy used in conjunction with traditional mechanical debriding procedures. Seven current Perio Protect Method customers, with 12 to 41 years of experience in dentistry, participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation.


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Tried and True
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The best Perio Treatment for my patients!
Perio Protect method is the greatest adjunct therpy for Perio patients! Implementing Perio protect in your practice will help change your patients in many ways! It is so easy to use and patients love it and have no compliance issuses. They don't miss recare appointments because they see the diffenence and become engaged in the treatment. It also whitens their teeth -Bonus!!! It increase's Hygiene production, reduces no show and cancellations-because patients are engaged in the treatment. The company Perio Protect has amazing training, very helpful and makes it very easy to bring to your practice! As a Denatl Hygienist, I love having an alternative to systemtic antibodtics for my patients when treating periodontal disease!!!
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perio protect method
I like the perio protect method for my patients who need a periodontal "kick in the pants". It's easy and it's painless and we don't get to say that very often in Dentistry.
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The WOW factor
I have been a Hygienist for 11 years and have been humbled to know that the answer for every patient to gain control of their Periodontal disease is not always floss, proxabrushes, auto TB etc. All of those tools are excellent and recommended regularly. However, a year ago I learned about and implemented the Perio Protect Method in the office I have worked for 3 years. I have never seen such amazing tissue healing results than with my patients who use the Perio Protect method. The numbers and tissue response speaks for itself.
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dr Sabourin
This product has potential. We need to see peer reviewed studies in large numbers to show efficacy. We need to be able to show our patient facts and not hear/say evidence. I have used the product several times and patient compliance appears to be an issue.
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