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WOW's SPRAYWHITE Pro delivers superior whitening results and oral hygiene in a fast, convenient, and cost-effective package.

SPRAYWHITE Pro whitens teeth without a messy gel, timeconsuming strips, or trays'all while avoiding the cost and chair and staff time required for in-office light/laser treatments. The SPRAYWHITE Pro system from WOW Oral Care noticeably whitens teeth with a simple, 2-second spray application, followed by swishing for 30 to 90 seconds. With continued use, and often almost immediately, teeth become measurably whiter.

SPRAYWHITE Pro ingredients are so strong and effi cient, it even works on tetracycline and beetle nut stains. What sets this system apart is the unique spray delivery method and formulation. The patented SPRAYWHITE allows delivery in higher concentrations safer than other systems. It whitens teeth quickly and easily, and it reduces soft-tissue tooth sensitivity, freshens breath, and cleans teeth.

The second part of the system, WOW Powder Oral Rinse, signifi - cantly reduces whitening sensitivity, leaves a pleasant aftertaste, and is a stand-alone plaque remover that does not require water or a tooth brush. It supplements tooth brushing and fl ossing when they aren't handy. Its active ingredients effectively remove plaque and fight the bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease. 'Bob Alaburda

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