StarDental Titan E-Type System

Product Description

DentalEZ Group introduces the StarDental Titan E-Type Motor and attachments.

The new Titan E-Type Motor is an adaptable low-speed motor built on the reliable foundation of the Titan 3 motor and is designed to work with all standard E-Type attachments. The Titan E-Type Motor features a new lightweight aluminum exterior, yet has the traditional core design of durable stainless steel. Engineered with excellent balance for superior control, the Titan E-Type Motor displays consistent performance with both forward and reverse functions and is built to withstand conditions under higher torque requirements without stalling. The long-lasting motor delivers high performance ranging in speeds from 100 to 20,000 RPM. 

PRODUCT OPTIONS: StarDental Titan E-Type System

Titan E Contra Sheath
Titan E Latch Angle Head
Titan E Straight Nose Cone

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StarDental Titan E-Type System
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