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The Statim Cassette Autoclave is a compact table-top unit is designed for the efficient, economical, and rapid steam sterilization of dental handpieces and other critical instruments.

Statim's uniquely designed cassette pressure chamber and controlled steam system result in a safe, easy to operate sterilization device that is not only kind to the dental handpiece but will allow complete sterilization between each patient in record time.




The Case for Medical-Grade Washers

There probably isn’t a person in the dental industry who hasn’t thought, while sitting in a dental chair, about the possibility of disease transmission (or even just the common cold) through the medium of dental instruments. The general population also is well aware of the potential for this, especially if they are healthcare workers or remember hearing about dentists and patients being exposed to the HIV virus many years ago. Protecting patients and staff from disease transmission is every dentist’s priority, and training staff to properly and routinely use personal protective equipment (PPEs), cassettes, sterilizers, and instrument washers is paramount....

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