Statim 2000

Product Description

Simple one-touch operation with 4 computer controlled cycles to choose from using fresh, clean distilled water with every cycle.

The STATIM 2000 was specifically designed to sterilize handpieces quickly and gently ' inside and out.

' Ultra 'fast 6 minute unwrapped cycle
' 14 minute wrapped cycle
' Exceptional instrument turnover
' 10 minute Dri-Tec drying Technology
' Single use water
' Aseptic transfer of instruments directly to the point of use
' Reduced instrument investment
' Prolongs instrument life

Dri-Tec ' Convection Heat Drying Technology
The STATIM 2000 uses convection heat to dry instruments by utilizing the remaining heat in the system after the sterilization phase. Heat is captured and released into the cassette, drying wrapped instrument loads in as little as 10 minutes.




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Statim 2000
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