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SuperMat System

SuperMat System

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Product Information

Kerr’s SuperMat System is a universal tensioning system for posterior teeth consisting of contoured (soft) steel and clear plastic matrices prefitted to SuperCap tensioning spools.

The full assortment of band heights and diameters has been statistically calculated to cover most teeth and cavity shapes and can be adapted to every situation.

Manufacturer Information

Kerr Corporation, a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, is a manufacturer of premiere dental consumables sold both domestically and internationally. Since 1891, Kerr has been developing and manufacturing products that are used in every dental restorative procedure today. Our sales force works closely with a network of exclusive distributors and provide technical training and support while furthering our position as a global market leader. As we advance esthetic dentistry through education and sustainable solutions based on clinician input, the name Kerr has become synonymous with integrity for dental professionals worldwide. What distinguishes Kerr from other manufacturers is our commitment to innovation.

Focusing on composites, bonding agents, impression materials, cements, and accessories for the restorative process, Kerr has often led the way. We enjoy a reciprocal relationship with today’s dentist, who is a direct influence on our product development program. When customers talk, we listen. We go forth, and we continue to develop restorative products that help define modern dentistry.

Our rich portfolio of product lines and programs reflects this ongoing exchange—the inspiration behind decades of standard-setting products. Kerr’s parent company, Danaher Corporation, is a Washington D.C.-based organization with affiliations all over the world. A diversified technology leader that designs, manufactures and markets innovative products and services with strong brand names and significant market positions, the company is driven by strong core values and the tremendously successful Danaher Business System (DBS)—their signature approach to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement that has transformed this business into a Fortune 500 company.

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