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Surpass ̶ The Gold Standard in Dental Adhesion

Whether you are looking the highest bond strengths, the elimination of postoperative sensitivity, the most consistent results, or a simple and fast protocol, Surpass is the material you want to use.

Independently, each Surpass bottle optimizes an attribute critical to clinical success. When used as a system, Surpass is the Gold Standard in dental adhesion.

• The conditioner etches enamel, as well as phosphoric acid, while eliminating postoperative sensitivity
• The primer wets and penetrates the tooth structure to maximize bond strengths while completely sealing the tooth surface
• The bonding resin links the primed surface to all self-cure, dual-cure, or light-cure restorative materials
• Surpass has only one 35-second technique for all procedures
• There are no catalysts needed for any procedures
• Surpass offers the highest bond strengths ever achieved.

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new age in adhesive dentistry
Wonderful product, great clinical results, easy to use and really fast. Zero postoperative sensitivity. Although, some clinicians have problems with following to protocol.
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Makes bonding idiot-proof
Strong, easy to apply, no post-op sensitivity, and the best customer service in the business. What's not to love?
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More than a great product
Comes with great support from a knowledgeable customer service team & from a fabulous online forum that also discusses the other excellent products from Apex Dental Materials. This product & all the other products this company carries will not disappoint.
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Surpass - Hands down the best dental adhesive!
I have been using surpass for about 6 years. I rarely if ever deal with post operative sensitivity and debonds do not occur. The instructions are easy to understand and simple. The inventor and developer is available to ask questions of the product on the apex website, which is the only developer I know that does that. Very, very happy with this adhesive. It also works with all curing materials, self, lighty or dual.
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Great Product
It is the only bonding agent I use and it works very well. Restorations bonded using Surpass have no sensitivity. I also use it to seal crown preps. I would not be without it.
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The Best
I have used Surpass since it's inception and could not be more pleased with this product. Very easy to use and performs wonderfully. Zero sensitivity in my hands. However, this has been true of all the Apex products we use.
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The Keystone in my restorative
This is basically a 4th generation ("Gold Standard") bonding-agent without the technique issues. I've used it exclusively for 6 years now and the recalls are impressive. I have observed no staining margins over time as I did with [another product] as the etch on enamel is as good as the old blue stuff we've used for years. It's really surprising this product isn't more widely used. And as an exponential-bonus, Apex has a forum that can be used to ask questions and discuss issues about their products with it's founder and the "father of wet-bonding" (Quintessence Int. 1992; 23:39–41), Dr. John Kanca. How cool is that?
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Very Good material
Use it every day. I especially like the non rinse aspect of the protocol. No sensitivity with great results.
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Although it might not be the fastest adhesive system, I have complete confidence in Surpass. It works well in most bonding situations and post-op sensitivity is rare. Great product!
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Simply Superb
I have used Surpass since it was introduced and have gotten nothing but great success with this product. It is easy to use and works better than any other system I have used over the years. Sensitivity is a thing of the past and I use the entire spectrum of Apex products. Margins are wonderful and restorations look great years later. I would highly recommend this product.
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I wouldn't bond anything if I didn't have Surpass in stock. After being very disappointed by 5th, 6th, and 7th generation bonding agents, i started using Surpass 4 years ago and have never looked back. To me, it's the new gold standard!
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Surpass bonding system by Apex Dental
This is a fabulous product. It's very easy and fast to use and the instructions are straight forward. It's a 3 bottle system with a unique etchant that you don't rinse off, just place the primer over it so no worries about having the right amount of wetness on the dentin. The bond strengths are very high and it works with both light cure, dual cure and chemical cure composites. There's great support from the company and the costs are comparable or a little less than most other products. It's the only bonding system I've used for the last 3 years with virtually no sensitivity or bond failures. Best product in this catagory.
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Great stuff!!
This product is fantastic!! Easy to use, NO post op sensitivity. Incredible strength. I would encourage everyone to try it and use it.
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Surpass bonding agent
while not the quickest material to use, have had tremendous success with it, and virtually no post op sensitivity complaints. There tends to be some waste in how the amounts come out of the bottles, so wish the dispensing method was improved. I like the fact that it is not a requirement to keep the tooth moist, as it is difficult to determine how wet is wet. In fact with surpass, you dry it as dry as possible before adding the bonding agent(step 3)- takes the guesswork out of it. Can use with direct and indirect situations.
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