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Automatic mixing and dispensing unit for impression materials in a 5:1 ratio. Accurate mixing, dispensing, and application provides repeatable material properties. Homogenous, bubble-free mixing for best impression results. Selectable extrusion speeds for filling either impression trays or syringes. Automatic propulsion and reverse drive at the push of a button.




Evaluator Perspective: Product Enlightenment

I have 3 goals when I attend the CDA: product enlightenment (what’s new out there), what can I see and learn that will benefit my practice and my patients, and camaraderie with my peers. It’s safe to say that I achieved all 3 goals this year. I recently used...

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“Secure” Core Build-up with Visalys Core

Secure is a good word. As with much of the English language, it has numerous meanings. Just check out www.dictiona . Among other things, “secure” is: (1) free from or not exposed to danger or harm; safe. (2) dependable; firm; not liable to...

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