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The innovator of LED handpiece lighting, A-dec|W&H brings fourth-generation lighting with its unique ability to produce natural color so clinicians can perform dentistry with greater accuracy. The Synea TA-97LED+ features a small head and next generation LED while the TA-98LED+ is great for maximum reach.

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Like the pressure of the air flow & minimal noise. Definitely recommend it to any dentist or hygienist.
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great hand piece!
only complaint is i've dropped it once or twice and the fiberoptic "prong" bent. seems pretty fragile for such a great workhorse of a handpiece. 96 can reach any tooth, even in a child's mouth; 98 great for most adults, though we've had to break out the 96 for some adults with small mouths or inability to open wide :-) fiberoptics never have worked since i bought it; not sure if it's a problem with the handpiece or the tubing... noise is a little loud, but i'm going deaf slowly anyway and i'm not sure other handpieces would not be as loud.
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Good sturdy performer.
Liked the hand piece from the start! About 7 years of use. The reliability was great! No turbine replacements or failures the 1st 2 years! I use the Assistina . I would definitely buy this hand piece again.
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