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With Ti-Core, clinicians need not worry about the ditching and grooving associated with other materials. Easy to place and easily identified on an x-ray, Ti-Core features the ideal composite viscosity for core build-up. Additionally, Ti-Core provides a long-lasting restoration with more than 15 years of documented sustained fluoride release.


Ti-Core Composite Core Material - Titanium Reinforced, Gray Color - Fast Set
Sku# 805-00
Ti-Core Composite Core Material - Titanium Reinforced, Gray Color - Regular Set with Fluoride
Sku# 800-00
Ti-Core Composite Core Material with Fluoride - Tooth Color (Vita Shade A3) - Fast Set
Sku# 815-00
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Tried and True

Tried and True

Ti-Core Family

Ti-Core Family Ti-Core core build-up materials have demonstrated predictability and long-term results for almost a decade. In 1991, Essential Dental Systems developed and launched Ti-Core. A truly unique product, Ti- Core was developed by Essential Dental Systems? research and development team with the guidance of the company?s founders, Dr. Barry Lee Musikant and Dr. Allan S. Deutsch. According to Essential Dental Systems? Sales and Marketing Manager, Victoria Reina, Ti-Core was developed in response to the need for a strong core material. ?Previous products had problems with strength and reliability,? said Reina. ?Ti-Core provides a complete...

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