Ti-Max NL 400 Electric Handpiece System

Product Description
The NSK Dental Ti-Max NL 400 Electric handpiece system has 180-degree Vector Control for smooth delivery of powerful torque. The Vector Control also reduces heat generation. Because the NSK NL400 micromotor produces fewer torque ripples than other micromotors, it offers vibration-free rotation for patient and clinician comfort and reliably consistent performance.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Ti-Max NL 400 Electric Handpiece System

Ti-Max NL400U Electric Motor Portable System
Sku# Y141129
TI-Max NL400 Brushless Electric Micromotor, Euro Style
Sku# Y141243
Ti-Max NL400 Electric Micromotor Integrated System
Sku# Y141390




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Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation


Every dentist strives to provide the best patient care while running an efficient, profitable practice. Some keep it simple, working for or operating a small business that pays the bills while providing a valuable service to the community. Others go big, expanding their reach by leveraging the power of digital technology and growing their practice. Others, still, land somewhere in the middle.   Dental Product Shopper evaluators come from all of those camps. They vary in their backgrounds, the services they provide, and their practice sizes. But the evaluators share a common interest—they want to...

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Ti-Max NL 400 Electric Handpiece System
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