Ti-Max X85L and X95L

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The Ti-Max X85L is a miniature head speed increasing electric attachment that improves posterior access and visibility. It features ceramic ball bearings, a patented clean head system and cellular fiber optics. The 1:5 speed increasing attachment achieves speeds of 200,000 rpm and is ideal for contouring of composites, margin refinement, and endodontic access. The Ti-Max X95L is a 1:5 speed increasing electric attachment that comes in a lightweight, solid titanium body. It achieves speeds of 200,000 rpms when placed on most electric dental motors and features ceramic ball bearings, a patented clean head system and fourport water spray, which cools the entire surface of the bur. The fiber optic attachment is ideal for bulk reduction of enamel, contouring of composites, removal of obsolete crown and amalgams, and endodontic access. NSK Dental provides a 2-year warranty on the X85L and the X95L. —Julie Schmitt


Ti-Max Z Series - Z800L, Miniature Head
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Ti-Max Z Series - Z900L, Standard Head
Sku# P1111
Ti-Max Z Series - Z800KL, Miniature Head
Sku# P1112
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