Trim II Temporary Crown Liquid

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Bosworth's Trim II is a fast-setting, non-irritating PEMA formulated temporary crown powder for long-term use. The powder and liquid formulas are identical and the powders can be combined to obtain specialty shades. The resin is dimensionally stable, allowing it to resist distortion when withdrawn from undercuts while setting. Trim II is available in 6 VITA SHADES for a larger variety, allowing you to achieve the perfect shade match for patients.

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Trim II Temporary Crown Liquid - 32 oz Bottle
Sku# 921914
Trim II Temporary Crown Liquid - 4 oz Bottle
Sku# 921091




Sales Sheet for Trim, Trim II, Trim Plus and Ultra Trim

Trim and Trim II Trim and Trim II are fast-setting, non-irritating PEMA temporary crown and bridge materials.   Trim Plus Trim Plus is a PMMA formula chairside tooth shade resin for use in fabricating temporary crowns, bridges, partials, and splints.   Ultra Trim A cartridge dispensed temporary crown and bridge material. Ultra Trim reduces in-office procedure time and provides excellent strength and greater flexibility without brittleness.   For the full Sales Sheet on...

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Trim II Temporary Crown Liquid
Bosworth Company (A Division of Keystone Industries)
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