Turbo Temp 3

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Turbo Temp 3 from Danville is a temporary crown and bridge material that displays the same high quality reputation as other Turbo Temp products. The solution is available in multiple shades to best fit your needs and contains a stain resistant formula. Available shades include: Bleach, Shade A1, Shade A2, Shade A3, Shade A3.5 and Shade B1 all delivered in a 10:1 cartridge. To get the most out of your products and save you money Turbo Temp 2 has the ability to convert to 10:1 with Danville free interchangeable sliders. Turbo Temp 3 kit contains: 1 (76g) cartridge and 10 mixing tips.


Turbo Temp 3 - 1 (76 g) Cartridge and 10 Mixing Tips - Bleach
Sku# 93591
Turbo Temp 3 - 1 (76 g) Cartridge and 10 Mixing Tips - Shade A1
Sku# 93323
Turbo Temp 3 - 1 (76 g) Cartridge and 10 Mixing Tips - Shade A2
Sku# 93324
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Turbo Temp 3
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